Local dishes

Local dishes

Cooking in Puglia is famous for its genuineness.

All the ingredients exalt the taste of the produce. In our land you’ll find vegetable in season, from turnip-tops to white cabbage, the thistle, peppers, egg-plants, artichokes, legumes.

Recipes vary according to areas, those from the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, by the sea, are different from those of inland areas like Foggia and Lecce.

Martina Franca, in particular, is between the sea of Taranto and the sea of Brindisi. Cooking in Puglia presents different recipes according to the seasons: in spring and summer fish and vegetables are preferred, whereas in winter and autumn legumes and home-made pasta seasoned with different sauces or cooked with vegetables and rice are more usual.

Typical dishes are: "orcchiette (con la rape) with turnip tops", "chicory with broad beans" "cavatelli and mussels", and finally "baked potatoes and mussels" – a typical dish from Bari.