Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat



MAY 6 - 10, 2020

Everyone is creative. However, the society we live in doesn’t always allow us to express ourselves as we would like to, neither leaves us time after all the routine we’ve done during the day to find out how we could let our imagination flow. We all remember ourselves drawing, making things with our hands, freely singing or dancing in our childhood. We all have a smile when we watch our old photographs which picture ourselves covered with paint or taking some extraordinary pose. 

Where did this natural creativity go? How can we get our innate creative skills back ? We say : «Just tune in and listen what’s inside you» 

During five days of retreat we invite you to awaken your creativity through the practice of yoga, meditation and relaxation in an extraordinary and inspiring natural environment in the South Italy. You will enjoy daily dynamic and yin yoga practice as well as yogic sleep to let yourself become completely free and allow your natural creativity flow. Various artistic workshops will help you to find a way to express yourself and introduce everyday creativity in your life and thus increase your well-being. 

During your stay you will enjoy a wonderful program deeply opening your body and mind specifically designed for you by Melanie and Maria, both certified yoga teachers with a great experience in the art field. Every day will be fulfilled with new experiences allowing you to discover your own beauty, power, creativity. 

Picturesque environment and peaceful atmosphere guarantee full relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind. 

“Creativity isn’t just for artistic endeavours or the talented few; it’s not what we do but how we do it that matters,” says Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., scientific director of the Imagination Institute and a researcher in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. “It’s how we approach problems and opportunities that we encounter in our daily lives. We can be creative in almost anything we do, transforming our inner landscape, at work, at play, in parenting or even in our relationships.” 

What do you get : 

  • beautiful location, typical Southern Italian houses, big garden
  • organic local Ayurvedic & vegetarian food
  • daily yoga practice : morning dynamic vinyasa and foundation hatha practice and evening yin and restorative sessions, inside and outside 
  • pranayama, meditation and visualisation practices 
  • daily yoga nidra practice to awaken your creativity 
  • a bunch of workshops : painting, sculpture, decoration, playing instruments, singing and mantra chanting, dancing meditation two experienced yoga teachers with a strong background in arts and art management 
  • on demand : massage, shamanic & energetic work, private yoga sessions, local cooking workshops

With a background in arts and photography, Melanie began her spiritual journey 10 years ago through various healing practices like shamanic work and reiki. She thoroughly explored ashram life in India which gave her a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy and way of life, of the connection between body, mind and soul and the path to master the union within. After studying Ayurveda medicine in Regents College London, sound tantra, mantra and meditation, she completed her 200 hours YTT with Ravvi’s School of Yoga in July 2019 certified with UK Yoga Alliance. With her natural curiosity, compassion and humor, she has recently started her teaching practice in yoga and healing offering a thoughtful and creative approach to the body, mind and soul. She is successfully running several hospitality businesses and now completed her offer with yoga and meditation retreats within a beautifully self-renovated Wester Auchraw Croft, in Scotland.

Maria has recently completed her PhD in linguistics at Sorbonne University and has been working for various art institutions in Paris as well as curated several art shows all over Europe. As a trained ballet dancer, her journey into yoga started through asanas, relaxation as well as breathing techniques that allowed her to find balance within body and mind. With a strong interest towards well-being and yogic approach to life and environment whether it is natural or social, she decided to do her yoga teacher training. Since then, she has been giving yoga classes at the most prestigious yoga studios in Paris, spreading and sharing her love for yoga.